The China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association (CCYIA) is affiliated to the National Development and Reform Commission. According to the guiding spirit of "the National Development and Reform Commission takes the lead in studying and promoting the development of new industries for cruise ships and yachts" advocated by Premier Wen Jiabao and Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan, approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Civil Affairs,CCYIA was established on October 22, 2006 in Hongkou, Shanghai and headquartered in Beijing. As a national NGO,CCYIA members are composed of industry-related firms ,organizations ,and industry veterans. It is authorized by the Chinese government as the only national association to promote the cruise and yachting industries.
After more than 10 years of development,CCYIA has become the most authoritative and influential organization in the industries in China.

Promote the cruise and yachting industries in China; Promote China to be a major destination for international cruises lines; Promote yachting activities on Chinese seas; Spread cruise traveling and yacht sailing concepts to Chinese people at large;Encourage international interactions and collaborations via organizing cruise and yacht activities; Diffuse and popularize marine culture and water consumption culture in China;Regulate Chinese cruise and yacht industry; Maintain healthy and sustainable industry environments.

Supports and Members:

1.Cruise Industry:

Destination cities, port authorities, cruise designers and constructors, cruise operators, international cruise organizations, shipping agencies, classification societies, ship managements, and travel agencies.

2、Yachting Industry:

Yachting and sailing competition commissions, international yacht and boat organizations, yacht manufacturers, yacht distributors, charters, and clubs.

3、Others Industries:

Cruise and yacht industrial veterans, educational institutions, marina and port construction companies, ship fitting-­‐outs and interior design firms, sailing equipment and accessory suppliers,

ship logistics and procurement vendors, financial and insurance organizations.

Core Functions

1、 Assist Chinese government to create, amend, and abolish cruise and yacht industrial laws, regulations, and standards.

2、 Assist Chinese government to create, amend, and abolish cruise and yacht industrial laws, regulations, and standards.

3、Assist Chinese government to establish cruise and yachting industries service standards; assist to supervise service quality.

4、Commissioned by the government, create cruise and yacht industries credit evaluation system.

5、Create cruise and yacht industries information nets; collect and analyze industrial statistics; response for or participate with editing economic reports; and distribute industry news, information, and annual reports.

6、Report to the government about domestic and international cruise and yacht companies suggestions and needs; protect companies’ legal rights; provide suggestions to the regulating government.

7、Organize international conferences and exhibitions aiming to expedite communications on cruise and yacht regulating, operating, building, and studying; Establish cruise and yacht trading platform; provide consulting services on building technologies and operating.

8、In charge of training talents in cruise and yachting industry, improving professional skills at large.

9、Participate with research evaluations; assist with domestic technology and research breakthrough.

10、Provide policy consulting services and governmental PR services for oversea cruise and yacht companies and related international organizations.

11、 Organize CCYIA members to generate professional self-­‐regulation standards.

12、 Undertake tasks commissioned by governmental departments, international organizations, and CCYIA members.

The Association put forward the concept and idea of cruise ship development

1.Cruise economy is the new hotspot for stimulating consumption. (2007)

2.Cruise tourism is a new format of tourism. (2008)

3.Cruise terminals need to be planed national wide. Do not construct homeports blindly. (2009)

4.Focus on function of cruise terminals. Do not construct landmarks. (2010)

5.Promote international cruise lines procurement in China. Integrate cruise industry chain. (2011)

6.Do not construct cruise vessels without cooperation or knowledge from Europe worlds. (2011)

7.China cruise tourism economy needs general plan urgently. (2012)

8.Do not ignore training Chinese cruise crew. (2012)

9.《Cultural Regulation of cruise tourists》 (2012)

10.Asian cruise cities should corporate firmly for a win-win result. (2013)

11.China cruise development is not in lack of capital, but talent. (2013)

12.International inbound cruise tourism should be developed altogether in Great China area. (2014)

13.Cruise is a middle-and-high end vacation tool. Avoid low-price competition. (2014)

14.Cruise charting is phenomenon in the transition period. It cannot last long. (2015)