Council of China Cruise Development Experts


1)Promote the cruise industries in China; Promote China to be a major destination for international cruises lines; Spread cruise traveling and yacht sailing concepts to Chinese people at large;
2)Encourage international interactions and collaborations via organizing cruise activities; Diffuse and popularize marine culture and water consumption culture in China;
3)Regulate Chinese cruise industry; Maintain healthy and sustainable industry environments.

2. Operation

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of the cruise industry in China.;
Adopting the project appointment system mainly, we select suitable experts according to the professional topics and resort to a variety of cooperation methods based on the needs.;
All types of experts may enjoy their due rights within the scope of the law and the employment contract.

三、The council’s work and expert functions

.The council’s work and expert functions

Expert functions include::

  • • Assist Chinese government to create, amend, and abolish cruise industrial laws, regulations, and standards;
  • • Collaborate with cruise organizations home and abroad to conduct regional and national strategic researches and projects;
  • • Preliminary confirmation and evaluation of the feasibility of cruise ports and urban investment projects;
  • • Provide consulting services for Chinese government and other organizations;
  • • Carry out statistical research on the cruise industry, release industry information and authoritative reports, and do professional training and personnel training;
  • • Organize and plan academic seminars, research exchanges, industry conferences, exhibitions and brand promotion activities in the cruise industry;
  • • Provide policy and regulatory advice, government and corporate public relations services for foreign cruise companies entering China and the development of local cruise companies;
  • • Accept the commission of member units and cruise companies to carry out domestic sales agency services for brand products.

These Regulations shall be interpreted by China Cruise and Yacht Industry Association (CCYIA).

Code of the Council of China Cruise Development Experts

In order to specify the Council’s responsibilities and regulate the work practices of the experts therein, the Code is adopted to promote the effectiveness of the work performed by the Council of China Cruise Development Experts.

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1. The Council of China Cruise Development Experts (or CCCDE), initiated by the China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association, is an expert consulting agency.
Article 2. The Council members consist of experts with more than 8 year experience from home and abroad and venerable scholars within the field.
Article 3. The Council’s goal is: to conduct policy consulting work, to achieve prosperity and development in China’s cruise industry and to enhance the development level of the industry under the guidance of the economic construction.

Chapter II Council’s Structure

Article 4. The Council includes several council members and one secretary general, all of whom are designated by the China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association. The member’s term may last three years and can be continuously appointed.
Article 5. The Secretariat will be located at the China Cruise and Yacht Industry Association of which the secretary general will be designated accordingly as the council’s secretary general.
Article 6. The Secretariat consists of secretary general and full/ part-time staff managing day-to-day operation.

Chapter III. Responsibilities

Article 7. The council will study the current situation within cruise industry and propose national as well as regional development plans and arrangements as reference for the decision makers at relevant government bodies.
Article 8. The council will refer the relevant government decision makers to the national as well as regional policies, practices and advice as to promoting the development of the industry.
Article 9. The council will collect the current news about cruise industry both home and abroad as well as publish a periodical entitled as News Clips about Cruise Industry in China.
Article 10. The council will organize academic exchange activities and facilitate the events held within the industry.
Article 11. It will reconcile the cross-regional, cross-industrial and cross-department issues or emergent occurrence by prosing advice to relevant government bodies.
Article 12. The council will help set up and revise the national standards as well as international technical standards to upgrade the industry.
Article 13. The council will assess the investment projects of constructing cruise ports, cruise companies, cruise construction industry, cruise training and cruise lines, and verify the strategic necessity, the economic effectiveness and technical feasibility thereof.
Article 14. The council will deal with business commissioned by the government or the companies.

Chapter IV. The Meeting Arrangement

Article 15. The council is entitled the right to hold the full meetings, theme meetings, Secretariat meetings, research theme meeting as well as special meetings.
Article 16. The full meeting will be held on a yearly basis to draw up works done during the past year and set up plans for the coming year. During the session, academic exchanges might as well be organized. Meeting of other categories will be held at regular or irregular intervals according to need.
Article 17. Certain items of the meeting agenda may be accomplished through email and telecommunication means.
Article 18. The issues discussed at the member meetings will be passed by negotiating. Different opinions will be resolved by voting, with majority decision as the principle. Members of the council shall have the duty of confidentiality in respect of the contents of the meetings to be kept confidential

Chapter V Rights and Obligations

Article 19. Rights enjoyed by all council members
1)Members can receive all the materials sent by the Secretariat.
2) The members should delegate and commission the research, consulting services and activities to the council’s Secretariat.
3) The members should supervise the operations at Secretariat and give advice accordingly.
4.)The members can attend all the activities related to cruise academy and cruise technique as the member of the Council of China Cruise Development Experts.
5)Due to possible staff internal transfer, the council members may quit their term at the council under the permission of their respective government bodies.
Article 20. Obligations shared by all council members
1)The council members shall abide the national laws and regulations and observe the code of the Council of China Cruise Development Experts.
2)The members shall implement the council’s resolutions.
3)The members shall actively support and attend activities organized by the council.
4)The members shall submit at least one cruise development proposal report to the secretariat on an annual basis, requiring research, data and views.
5)The members shall be responsible for safeguarding the legal rights of the council.

Chapter VI. Activity Funding

Article. 21 Funding source
1)Contribution of membership or donation from society.
2)Other legitimate income.
Article 22. Fund use and management
1)Where income is available, the provision covers the remuneration of full-time Secretariat staff, office space, travel, communications, publishing, distribution and activities.
2)Where income is available, the balance sheet shall be managed by the designated accountants who are required to submit annual report to the council members.
3)The fund appropriation, while supervised by all the members, shall first be verified and approved thereafter by the secretary general.

Chapter VII Remuneration and Rewards

Article 23. If the council members are invited to participate in the research, consultation, and demonstration activities of the government-commissioned projects, they cannot receive remuneration, and the transportation and accommodation costs of some projects might be on their own; If the council members are invited to participate in the investigation, consultation, argumentation, appraisal and evaluation of the entrusted projects of the enterprise, transportation and accommodation are borne by the project, and according to factors such as the complexity of the project, personal contribution, and working time, they may enjoy expert consultation fees according to law.
Article 24. The council will reward member or members who has/have achieved great contribution.

Chapter VIII. Supplement

Article 23. The Code herein is constructed by the Secretariat of the Council of China Cruise Development Experts.
Article 25. The right of explanation belongs to the Secretariat of the China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association.
Article 26. The code is revised on Oct. 2017 and will come into effect from the Nov. 2017 when the Council of China Cruise Development Experts is established.

Name list of the Council of China Cruise Development Experts

2汪 泓中共上海宝山区委书记/教授委员
4张 萍上海虹口区航运办公室主任委员
14王 萍公主邮轮公司副总裁委员
17布 朗星梦邮轮公司总裁委员
18范 敏天海邮轮公司董事长委员
21龚 镭招商蛇口邮轮事业部总经理委员
28杨 杰加拿大北岛学院邮轮项目办主任/副教授委员
30孙 毅上海岸电新能源科技公司董事委员
32范 道珠海泛网科技有限公司总经理委员
33杨 蕾上海地中海邮轮旅行社总经理委员
36李 辰中交第三航务工程勘察设计院有限公司邮轮港口技术中心主任委员
38张 建中交协邮轮游艇分会秘书处主任办公室主任

China International Cruise Supplies Procurement Alliance

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1. The China International Cruise Supplies Procurement Alliance (or CICSPA), initiated by the China Cruise & Yacht Industry Association(or CCYIA).
Article 2. CICSPA is voluntarily composed of suppliers(including manufacturers and traders) of cruise products such as food and auxiliary materials, fruits and vegetables, beverages, handicrafts, hotel supplies, and hotel furniture which is registered in China.
Article 3. The nature of CICSPA is: as a non-profit organization, it builds a public information platform for the supply, procurement, warehousing, distribution, and business of international cruise products.
Article 4. The mission of CICSPA is service, integrity, win-win.
Article 5. The purposes of CICSPA are:
1)Promote international cruise companies' collective, intensive and direct procurement in China;
2)Promote the expansion of export channels and scale of Chinese manufacturing and trading enterprises;
3)Optimize the international cruise ship procurement and supply links, reduce the operating costs and logistics costs of both suppliers and purchasers;
4)Create a circle for the China international cruise procurement and foster and establish a market for Chinese international cruise ships.

Chapter Ⅱ Organization and Operation of CICSPA

Article 6. Organizational Structure
1)As a body affiliated with CCYIA, CICSPA is under the leadership of the CCYIA.
2)Establish the Council and the Secretariat of CICSPA, the Council is composed of the principal leaders of CCYIA and member enterprises, and the secretariat personnel are appointed by CCYIA.
3)CICSPA was established in Tianjin, and the Secretariat is temporarily in the office of CCYIA. When conditions are proper, the office will be independent.
Article 7. Key functions of CICSPA
1)Investigate, select and recruit excellent suppliers to join the alliance.
2)Establish "international cruise purchasing electronic newsletter", through e-mail, website, SMS and other means, timely transmit information from both suppliers and purchasers.
3)Take the lead in organizing expositions, talks, meetings, special visits, and professional forums, and organize various business and friendship activities between suppliers and purchasers to promote in-depth cooperation between both parties.
4)Establish the integrity evaluation system and record of the alliance members, supervise the integrity performance of the members, and promote the construction of the industry integrity system.
5)Assist international cruise companies to set up purchasing base and purchasing center.

Article 8. Membership
1)Registered and established in China.
2)Acquire the independent qualification of enterprise legal person.
3) Agree to the charter of CICSPA.
Article 9. Process of Joining CICSPA.
1)Application: eligible suppliers can directly log on to the official website and download the " Application Form of China International Cruise Supplies Procurement Alliance ". After honestly filling in the enterprise and personal data, they can directly submit the application form to CICSPA’s Secretariat by e-mail. At the same time, they should submit the following materials: a copy of the business license of the enterprise, a brief introduction of the enterprise, and a brief introduction of the representative of the legal person (written or electronic version).
2)Approval: the application is reviewed by the Secretariat of CICSPA and submitted to CCYIA for approval.
3)Confirmation: after the application for joining CICSPA is approved, the Secretariat grants members the title of "China International Cruise Supplies Procurement Alliance Member " and issues certificates and plaques.
Article 10. Members’ Rights
1)CCYIA and CICSPA’s Secretariat will have members as the first choice for cruise procurement and recommend them to international cruise companies.
2)Priority shall be given to participating in the activities organized and co-sponsored by the Secretariat of CICSPA under paragraph 3 of charter 7.
3)On the official website, members enjoy the announcement service of the company's directory display.
4)Procurement demand information services can be obtained at the first time through electronic communication platforms.
5)Assistance could be provided to the Secretariat of CICSPA in establishing confidential channels of communication such as pricing and settlement.
6)Specific services may be requested from CICSPA Secretariat.
7)Make suggestions and recommendations on the work of CICSPA.
8)Preferential access to CCYIA's other paid services.
Article 11. Membership Obligations
1)Comply with the articles and relevant provisions of CICSPA, safeguard the interests of CICSPA, conduct business in accordance with the law, be honest and assist each other, and abide by the contract.
2)Participate in the events organized by CICSPA’s Secretariat actively.
3)Timely provide information to CICSPA’s Secretariat.
A. Vendors should submit the latest quotation information in electronic form to CICSPA’s Secretariat before 20th each month for timely delivery to the international cruise companies.
B. If new information is received from either the supplier or the purchaser, CICSPA’s Secretariat should be informed in a timely manner in order to continue to promote cooperation between the two sides in the first place.
4)Confirm the contact of CICSPA’s Secretariat to ensure smooth communication channels. If there is any change in the contact information of the members, please inform the Secretariat at the first time.
5)Timely reflect the problems between the supplier and the purchaser, help CICSPA’s Secretariat improve its work, standardize its management, improve its mechanisms, and promote win-win trust.
6)No annual contributions are required.
7)1 % of the international cruise company's purchase amount is paid to CICSPA’s Secretariat for information services, which is settled every six months, as the working and promotion costs of the Secretariat.
Article 12. Extension and Termination of Membership
1)Membership of CICSPA shall be effective as of the date of ratification.
2)Membership of CICSPA is reviewed annually and may be renewed by the reviewers.
3)For dishonest members, CICSPA will give warnings and notifications until its membership is cancelled.
4)If a member seriously violates the provisions, seriously damages the interests of CICSPA, refuses to fulfill its member obligations, or if there are major criminal facts that are sanctioned by law, CICSPA shall have the right to immediately revoke its membership of the current year.
Chapter Ⅳ Supplementary Provisions
Article 13. CICSPA fully respects the privacy of its members, and keeps its members 'data properly and confidentially. It is not allowed to disclose its registration information or non-public content stored in the database of CICSPA without the consent of the members. Except as provided by laws and regulations.
Article 14. Membership of CICSPA shall be deemed to agree with the provisions of this Charter.
Article 15. This Charter shall enter into force after consultation and amendment by the Secretary-General of CCYIA.
Article 16. The right of interpretation and amendment of this Charter belongs to CCYIA.

China Cruise Tourism Service Alliance)

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1. In order to make full and rational use of cruise tourism resources, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of cruise travel agencies \ OTA \ Tourism Service(hereinafter referred to as cruise travel agencies), and formulate and implement relevant service standards and systems for cruise tourism in China, and promote the continuous growth and orderly development of cruise travel agencies across the country, so as to promote the overall rapid and orderly development of China's cruise tourism industry, with the principles of solidarity, collaboration, resource sharing, industry self-discipline and mutual benefit, according to the relevant laws and administrative regulations of the country and the actual development of China's cruise travel agencies, CCYIA took the lead in launching the Cruise Travel Alliance.
Article 2. The name of the alliance is "Cruise Travel Alliance"(CTA).
Article 3. The nature of CTA: it is the resource sharing cooperation established by domestic and foreign cruise travel agency \ OTA \ Tourism Service institutions on the principle of voluntary participation. The main responsibility is to strengthen the influence of CTA in the cruise tourism industry in the form of a group, play an overall role, and promote mutual learning and exchanges to achieve common development.
Article 4. CTA is a professional organization of CCYIA.
Article 5. The first batch of sponsors of CTA includes: CCYIA,, Caissa…

Chapter Ⅱ Duties of Work

Article 6. The duties of CTA are:
1)Summarize the experience of cruise travel agency, carry out research related to cruise travel agency industry, and put forward practical ideas and suggestions for the development of cruise travel agency industry.
2)Reflect the wishes and demands of the members of CTA to the relevant government departments, protect the common interests of the members of CTA, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the members;
3)Formulate regulations, play the role of self-discipline in the industry, stop vicious competition in prices and talents, and assist in handling major accidents and disputes; Maintain the market order of cruise tourism industry;
4)Formulate industry service standards and promote added value in services;
5)Set up communication platform with cruise companies, committed to the negotiation and settlement of disputes between the two sides;
6)Promote exchanges and cooperation among the members of CTA and strengthen contacts, coordination and cooperation with relevant organizations and associations at home and abroad;
7)Organize training, study, seminars, exchanges and study tours;
8)Committed to cultivating the Chinese cruise culture concept and advocating the convention of cruise passenger civilization;
9)Collect statistics and release industry information;
10)Establish an industry integrity system.

Chapter Ⅲ CTA’s Member

Article 7. The members of CTA should be organization members and we do not accept individual members.
Article 8. Members who apply to join CTA must meet the following conditions:
1)Recognize and uphold the working regulations of CTA;
2)A cruise agency established in accordance with the law in China may, upon application, become a member of the alliance.
Article 9. The procedures for joining CTA are:
1)Submit an for membership in CTA;
2)The application will be approved after discussion of the board of directors;
3)Register and join CTA;
4)The board of directors authorizes CTA secretariat to issue membership cards.
Article 10. Members of CTA shall have the following rights:
1)The right to vote and to be elected in CTA;
2)The right to participate in the activities of CTA;
3)Priority of access to the services of CTA;
4)The right to use the symbols of CTA;
5)Make suggestions, questions, criticisms and supervision of the work and responsible persons of CTA;
6)The right to request assistance from CTA in the event of major difficulties or infringement of legitimate rights and interests;
7)Join CTA voluntarily and withdraw from CTA freely.
Article 11. Members of CTA shall perform the following obligations:
1)Comply with the regulations of CTA, implement the resolutions of CTA, safeguard the reputation of CTA and the legitimate rights and interests of CTA;
2)Comply with national regulations concerning the travel agency industry;
3)Complete the work assigned by CTA and actively participate in and support the activities organized by CTA;
4)Pay membership dues according to regulations;
5)Accept comments and mediation from CTA;
6)Do not organize or participate in all activities detrimental to CTA or other members;
7)Inform CTA and provide related information.
Article 12. The members of CTA pay their dues before May 1 of each year. If they do not pay their dues at the specified time or do not participate in the activities of CTA, they are considered to withdraw automatically. If the members of CTA are revoked or cancelled according to law, their membership is cancelled automatically. Members who voluntarily withdraw from CTA shall notify the secretariat of CTA in writing.
Article 13. If a member of CTA commits a serious violation of these regulations, he may be removed from the membership by a resolution of the board of directors.
Article 14. The members who automatically or voluntarily withdraw from CTA, and delist from CTA shall, from the date of entry into force of the decision, return the membership certificate of CTA, remove the membership sign, and stop operating in the name of the members of CTA.

Chapter Ⅳ Organization Structure

Article 15. CTA implements a council system. Under the leadership of CCYIA, it consists of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Executive Councilor, Councilor, and full-time Secretary General.
Article 16. CTA has one chairman and several vice chairmen for a term of three years, who can be re-elected and elected by the members of CTA Council from people who have certain prestige and enthusiasm for public welfare.
Article 17. The meeting of CTA Council is held once a year. The main task is to discuss organizational construction, approve annual work plans, and approve budgets. The Council shall vote in accordance with the principle of majority on matters in dispute. If the number of votes in favor and the number of objections are equal, the final decision shall be made by the Chairman.
The terms of reference of the Council are as follows:
1)Implement all the resolutions of the CTA Council;
2)Select the chairman, vice chairman, Secretary-General, and Executive Councilor;
3)Prepare the meeting of the CTA Council;
4)Report its work and financial situation at the meeting of the CTA Council ;
5)Decide on membership and delisting;
6)Decide on other important matters of CTA.
Article 18. The chairman's office meeting is held from time to time. If necessary, it may use conference calls, online meetings, written meetings, etc. The chairman, vice chairman and Secretary-General will attend the meeting. The main task is to discuss and decide on major issues of CTA and resolve emergencies.
Article 19. The CTA secretariat is located in the China Cruise and Yacht Industry Association (CCYIA). CCYIA employs a Secretary-General and several full-time staffs. The secretariat is responsible for the daily administrative affairs of CTA, the preparation of the CTA Council meeting, the execution of the decision of chairman's office meeting, the development and withdrawal of members, and the financing of the work etc.